Team Manager Training


CreateME will be hosting several TM training and kids workshops throughout the state. The training will be a great resource for new TM’s and a good refresher for our returning TM’s. We will be discussing the challenges, our new website, our new registration process and the regional showcases. We will also touch on what to expect during the state celebration and global finals. Bring your thinking caps and any questions or concerns you may have so we can address them on the spot. This will be a fun time for all.

During our TM training the kids will be doing several Instant Challenges as well as some team building games. All teams should bring drinks and snacks for themselves. We will have a time of snacks and questions from the kiddos.

Be sure to check the calendar to find a date and location that’s near you. Please email Chad at to let us know who will be attending and approximately how many in your group will be there. We look forward to seeing each of you.

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